The Newborn sleep guide

Expecting parents or parents of newborns – this guide is for you!  This guide is ideal for 0-8 weeks of age.
This 10-page detailed guide covers high level sleep tips and ways to achieve healthy sleep habits from the beginning .  The comprehensive newborn sleep guide is about sleep education and sleep shaping, it helps establish healthy sleep habits from an early age.


Your package includes:

  • 10 page Newborn sleep guide (PDF)- sleep goals at the newborn stage, baby’s sleep environment, tips for calming your fussy baby, realistic expectations, age-appropraite awake windows and  how to lay the foundation for healthy sleep, sample sleep schedules
  • Sweet dreams sleep consulting Tips & Resource Guide, to have on hand for down the road, covering issues like travel, illness, nap transitions, and much more!

*Due to the automatic download nature of these products, refunds are not available for Sleep Guides